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what have i done.


Once upon a time there was a girl named Pear. Now see, Pear was utterly obsessed with collecting words and improving her vocabulary. When asked why she was so obsessed with this, she simply replied:

"I would like to meliorate my vocabulary, so I can go into a local business and impress the register clerk with my highly advanced grammar, until he is so impressed that he goes in the manager’s office and tells the manager of my legendary skill with words. The manager will then ask to see me, and he too, shall be confounded by my ability to articulate the English language. Matter of fact, he shall be so utterly confounded that he will immediately hand his business over to me without a qualm!

After that, I shall turn it into multibillion dollar organization, via selling toilet paper specifically designed for astronauts. With all that money in my possession, I shall then proceed to create a revolution in technology, a fantastic device that is beyond the imagination of most.

It will be a device that can create anything from…. Well, nothing. I will then create a new world, one full of fantastic creatures and celestial delights. There will be new creatures, all fascinating in their own way. Such as the flying jellyfish (it contains real jelly!), the glow in the dark moth, and the incredible sparkling fish that swim in the rivers of the sky!

And creatures will not be the only fascinating things of this world. Go into the lush fluorescent forest and watch in awe as the entire forest lights up before you, in beautiful colors you never knew existed, all while snacking on the ever delicious chocolate mushrooms.

And be wary when visiting the deserts of eternity, or you may find yourself getting lost among the sands of time, never to return. But, if luck travels with you, you may just find the jungle of the shadows, where the lost ancient ruins of Ahkn’s Ur reside. You do know the legend of Ahkn, don’t you?

He was once the most powerful ruler in all of Ur, the homeland of the Dreniga race. Ahkn was a bloodthirsty ruler, and always wanted more than he had. Eventually, unable to contain his hunger for power, Ahkn encroached on the country of Angledis (also known as the homeland to the winged race Odein), and brought down the holy city of Azur, breaking the 3000 year alliance.

When Queen Anisophael (the third) heard about this, she thought that perhaps she could talk with Ahkn, and put a end to his madness. So she traveled to Azur, hoping that Ahkn would listen to the voice of reason. But Ahkn was not to be swayed in his quest for bloodshed! He killed Anisophael in the holiest citadel of Azur, thus finally declaring all out war against Angledis.

When news of this heresy reached the capitol city of Irenens, the high council was astounded. They ordered the immediate amalgamation of Angledis’ armies, and it was decreed that 1 person (male or female) from every family was to join. Unfortunately, even with mandatory enlisting, Angledis’ armies were no match for the sheer monstrosity of Ahkn’s mighty forces. And when the time finally came for Angledis to face the armies of Ur, not a soul was spared. It is, to this day, the bloodiest war ever fought in the history of Eriquas.

10 years later, the war raged on, and Angledis was losing all hope. Violence and corruption spewed everywhere, and there seemed to be no escape from the horrors of war. The high council was at it’s wits end; they had pleaded multiple times with other countries for aid, and each time were denied! No ruler wanted to risk their own countries livelihood for Angledis.

Unable to think of solution to save their country, each of the 15 members of the council had fallen into a deep state of despair. That is, until Chancellor Ulvonis suggested they called for aid from the country… Silvecian. It was a ridiculous notion, Silvecian was a bitter hateful country, and had been Angledis’s enemy for years! But what choice did they have? They had been denied aid by those who they had once thought as their allies, leaving them alone. There was no way they could fight the forces of Ahkn alone, Silvecian was the last hope they had.

Begrudgingly, all 15 of the high council members agreed to send a messenger to Sorin (the ruler of Silvecian), pleading for aid as a final desperate act. Though this motion passed, each member of the council could not help but feel that the end was nigh, and that their beautiful country and all it’s inhabitants were doomed…

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